Premature Nesting?

Not a whole lot going on in the adoption world over here these days. Sure, I think about it all the time, but nothing to really be doing necessarily. I just read a lot and pray for our chillen over in Africa =)

However, we DID purchase our first piece of furniture for the kiddo’s room! Remember Repurposed Soul? Well, we bought an adorable dresser from them! They are also going to redo a cute little rocking chair for us that my grandparents gave me =) It will look great in here.

We know it will most likely be at least two years from now until our little one is home, but it was still so exciting to think about him/her using this dresser some day!

I have also been enjoying cooking lately! Maybe I shouldn’t admit that to the world wide web in case I decide to hate it again tomorrow, but I have been on some weird kick lately. Last night, we went to a friends’ for dinner and I made some cookies that looked funny, but tasted pretty okey dokey to me and the rest!

I’m trying to switch to eating/cooking more whole foods, so these had oatmeal and bananas and whole wheat flour in them. I’d like to think they’re pretty healthy for a cookie 😉 I’d also like to think this weird obsession with looking up recipes and cooking more (cooking two times a week means obsessed to me, OK?) has to do with trying to have better eating habits for when little Tengi comes home. I’ll be a chef by then, basically.


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