A New Addition

So we have a fund for everything. One of those funds is “home improvement”. We were planning on using a chunk of our tax return to put in some new flooring, because our carpet is just bluh. Well, God decided we should do something else with the majority of that fund, because new floors aren’t really that important when it comes to the Kingdom of God. However, we saw a wonderful commercial about dyson machines being 20% off through Mother’s Day. We were half joking when we looked into it and realized we had just enough in our fund to purchase the one we wanted (on sale)! We didn’t even have to pay shipping or tax when we bought it online, and we got it 3 days after we ordered it!

I am as much in love as one can be with an inanimate object. We have two lovely cats. Most of the time I feel as thought we live in a home with about 10 cats because of the massive amounts of hair they leave behind. That vacuum sucked it all up, and it was so gross and beautiful.

Siiiigh. Even Ryan was excited about vacuuming!

This is almost as good as getting new floors!

I am also just very happy to have a new, much more efficient vacuum. It will definitely cut down on allergy issues people have when they come over (Ryan and I don’t seem to mind the cat hair floating in the air), and hopefully help us all breathe a lot better. I have also started brushing the kitties every day. I know this is so unexciting, but it really isn’t.


Also, we got our official April numbers (we get them at the end of each month).

#134 for a girl and #114 for a boy.


One thought on “A New Addition

  1. I’ve had a dyson for 3 yrs( the yellow one) love it. We had a German Shepard and a Doxy and I love the way it picks up the hair!

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