Two Months

Today marks two months of being placed on our agency’s wait list. It feels like much longer… sad. Oh well! Continue waiting we will.

This past week, I was on vacation, so I spent the week at my parent’s. It was wonderful! I caught up with a couple of friends, helped out around the house, and spent time with my parents and sister. Ryan came up for my momma’s birthday. We were supposed to get family pictures done at my parent’s church since they were redoing the church directory. Well, long story short, but my sister forgot to show up. So, we had our own impromptu session at the house, which was actually much more fun and a whole lot cheaper than the professionals at the church…

First picture… redo.

I love them!

To “celebrate” our two months on the wait list, we put together a care package for our newest sponsor child, Aynalem. She is beautiful! We have sponsored her through Children’s HopeChest. We met Kristin through the adoption group we are connected with, and she is in charge of sponsors for Kebron Orphanage in Modjo, Ethiopia. In one week, a group is making a sponsor trip over there, and we are so excited to know our sweet little girl will find out she has a sponsor! We are hoping to go on this trip next June and be able to meet her then =) My heart has been a bit heavy knowing we could wait a long time to even know who our little one(s) is, so it’s nice to look forward to this potential trip in a year or so.

I’ll post more pictures of Aynalem when Kristin sends us some from her trip. I can’t wait to see her smiling. I can’t get enough of this precious photo.

We should be getting our May numbers this week sometime. I’m not expecting much, as there were literally zero referrals in our agency this month. However, I know of a few families who have left to pursue waiting children through other agencies, so we will still move up a few slots. Just check our timeline in the next few days to see how far up we moved!

Until next time…


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