Reading, Reading.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading to pass the time…

I just finished “There is no me without you” by Melissa Fay Greene. It was excellent. It is about an Ethiopian woman who started bringing in children who were affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis and eventually sets up a foster care home for dozens of chillens. This book helped me learn lots about Ethiopia and its history as well as an abundance of information about the history of the spread of HIV/AIDS. Definitely eye opening and helpful in my education of Ethiopia. This book also explains a lot of corrupt practices within the American government surrounding the spread and treatment (or lack thereof) of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

I am currently reading “28 Stories of AIDS in Africa” by Stephanie Nolen. It’s just what the title says. I have read 8 of the stories so far, and I continue to have my heart broken with each personal story I read. It is amazing how the stigma behind HIV/AIDS continues to be so prevalent and keep those who are HIV+ from sharing their status with their own family for fear of being beaten and shunned.

Basically, we are just trying to learn as much as possible during this time of waiting.

Concerning our adoption…

We have asked our case worker to not send us our monthly number updates for awhile. It is going to be awhile, and there’s really no need to know exactly where we are at all times. It is draining, consuming, and as I have mentioned before, has become an idol to me previously. We are excited for the possibilities to come, and are trying to keep it that way for now.

So, we are waiting and reading and learning that this adoption is just one thing that God is doing in our lives. It’s not about us and our numbers and such. It’s all about Him and what He did for us all those years ago on the cross.


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