A Cute, Little Update

I have been out of town for the past two weeks, and my goodness it feels good to be home!

I’ll just get to it. It may be choppy as I am tired from travel, paperwork, and constantly having my mind racing for preparations. Just try to understand what I am saying below…

Last week, I was with all of my lady cousins and aunts and grandparents back in Indiana for our “girls week” that we have every summer. Thursday evening (the 12th), I got a phone call from our agency while shopping, and I got a little excited (even though we had not been waiting long enough to receive a referral or anything..). Keep in mind, though, that Ryan is not a girl, so he was not in attendance at girls week.

One of the caseworkers (ours is out of the country..) said they had a little girl they wanted to talk with us about, and if I had time to talk. Well, I did, I told her, but I was not even in the same state as my husband, and I had no access to a computer to look at the documents she was about to send us. She conference called Ryan in who was at home in Lexington. So, from a bench, I listened to the information on our beautiful little baby girl! When our caseworker said she was almost 3 months old (yes!) I laughed! Our age parameters went all the way through age 5… we were not even considering the idea of actually being referred a baby, especially not just 3 months into our wait!

Ryan drove up Friday morning so we could talk with the International Pediatrician together and decide if we would move forward with accepting the referral. The talk with international ped went really well, and she was very optimistic despite some medical special needs. After that call, we KNEW. We sat for a minute, Ryan said he was scared to be a daddy and then told me to call our caseworker back and say yes. So, we did.

There is a lot more to write. More specifics about when she will be coming home (we don’t know for sure at this point), but I will elaborate on that more. For now, we are still shocked, and so excited.

Please pray for our little girl and her health. She has made tremendous growth since coming into the orphanage, but there are still some obstacles to overcome and other medical concerns to be managed and worked out. We know God will continue to love on her!

I know… it’s tiny and not good quality (and just a hand),but it’s the best I’m going to do at 11:00. Boo, I know. And sorry, but for confidentiality purposes, this hand is about as good as it’s going to get until we bring her home! If I happen to see you in person, I would love to show you a picture, though =)


7 thoughts on “A Cute, Little Update

  1. This is so great! I am so happy for u two. what a blessing!
    Malorie will be so happy to hear a baby girl is coming.

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