I’m So Eloquent These Days..

Ok, we are doing a lot. I keep thinking how I need to update people are what is going on right now and what is next and yadda yadda, but I don’t know what to say. So, I will just put it all in a big jumbly (probably run-on) post.

Right now, we are waiting to find out if we will get a court date before court closure in Ethiopia. There is a rainy season every year that occurs right around nowish/beginning of August and last into the Fall at some point. The problem is, no one really knows when it is going to close until they’re like, “hey, we’re closed.” Sort of. It’s actually kind of crazy it we do get a court date before closure, because most people wait a month or so to get a court date after receiving their referral, but recently families have been getting them in a little over a week or so. My hopes are already up, so the “I’m not getting my hopes up” saying isn’t going to work in my case.

We are scheduling phone calls. We are trying to secure some money. We just paid $6500 in referral fees, half of which my parents graciously paid for us. Our adoption fund is zero, and we’ll hopefully (come on, court date!) be spending at least $5,000 more in just a couple of weeks for travel (and then another $5,000 a few weeks later…). We are applying for grants. However, a lot of grants give out monies bi annually or quarterly, so the next deadlines are either in September or December, which isn’t all that helpful for right now. We will still apply and hope to get some to pay for some medical costs or something of that effect, but still. It’s not right now. We did apply for a fund through our agency, which could allow for some help right away (this is where I’m asking you to pray, please!). We are adjusting budgets to allow for a new member of the family on one income instead of two. I will be staying home to take care of “A” (that’s what we will call her for now until we disclose her full name), so we won’t have as much income, but we need more…hmm. My employers have been awesome about saying I can come back part time at some point if I want to/need to.

I have already bought some things. We bought three outfits. We bought a lamp. We started a registry on Amazon. I don’t know what I’m doing. Amazon gives you all these suggestions for categories that you “need” to register for. We are going for ACTUAL (ok, still some wants are on there) necessities right now, not our society’s view on things needed to raise a babay.
Okay, dinner time. More later, maybe? Probably.

We know God will continue to provide as He has always done and always will do. This is all happening so fast, but we are going with it. Please pray for God’s continued providence. Although, we already know He will answer that prayer =)


5 thoughts on “I’m So Eloquent These Days..

  1. Breathe! God will provide everything that you need, including travel money and diapers šŸ™‚ He did not lead you to this beautiful little girl for you to worry about such mundane things…He led you here to love, provide, and care for your daughter!

  2. Great blabbing!! Awesome! So excited for you! God does provide. He wouldn’t do it if it wasnt’ the RIGHT time!

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