A Different Kind of Waiting

We haven’t heard anything about a court date yet. I was really hoping we would on Friday… definitely wishful thinking. Now I’m looking forward to this next week. There is a rumor going around that courts are closing August 22nd, which is a couple weeks or so later than usual, so that is good news for us! Please join us in praying. We know that if God wants us over there to meet our sweetie before courts close, we will be, but God still wants us to call out to Him and give our burdens to Him.

So now we wait. It’s a different kind of wait than before. Before, we didn’t know who our kiddo was. Boy or girl? Age? Alive yet? Medical needs? And on and on. Now we know our baby. And now we wait to meet her and hold her and tell her we love her. Because we really, really do. This part is harder in some ways, but somewhat easier in others. I don’t want to be someone who says this part is harder and make light of the wait that families go through while on a waiting list. That part is hard. We didn’t even wait 4 months, and it was hard. I can’t imagine waiting a year, 18 months, 2 years… I’m not going to act as though I’m a veteran “waiter”, because I’m not. God knew our wait wouldn’t be long, and I always had this understanding in my heart that we wouldn’t, but I didn’t tell anyone that. And I certainly didn’t know how that would work. Now we see all of the little details, and more are revealed and remembered every day. Thank you, Jesus, for planning all of this out in such an obvious “You” way.

But still, we wait. And that’s fine. We long to meet our baby “A”, but we know God is working. He hasn’t forgotten us now!

I will continue to update as we know anymore. We have a couple of phone calls this coming week, and maybe know more then. Thank you for supporting us and praying with us! We can feel it (especially me.. when I have little meltdowns on the phone with my momma about not being prepared for a baby…). We love you all!


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