This morning, Ryan and I went to a local travel clinic to get travel vaccinations done in hopes that we would be traveling soon (we were just waiting on that court date…!). We ended up getting most of the recommended vaccinations for Ethiopia, because we know we will probably be back again some day, maybe even for quite awhile 😉 On top of those and the routine boosters that we needed, I ended up with six shots and Ryan received seven! I am just hoping I do not get sickish! And even better, on top of that, our insurance won’t cover any of it since we went to a travel clinic. Blah.

After the 5th shot, I had to lay down, because I was getting dizzy. Over the years, I’ve become more and more of a wimp when it comes to getting stuck and such. Ryan is usually worse, but he did just fine! He decided to lay down before he started getting his injections =)

We were there for almost two hours, but it’s worth it! She’s worth it.

And, actually, it’s a good thing we went ahead and got all shot up today, because about 2 hours later, we received a call from our case worker. We have a court date before closure! And it’s really soon. Like super, duper soon. I have this weird thing about announcing when we will be gone all over the internet, so I’m not going to say when, but it’s soon. Really, really soon. I’m freaking out because it’s so soon.

Ryan heading off to the UPS store to expedite our visa applications. Hurry back, passports and visas! We really need you…

Thank you everyone who has been praying for us! We still have about zero dollars to pay for everything, but we know God is THE provider.

Ok, time to go run around in circles as I try to get things done! We are coming, baby girl!!



One thought on “Vaccinations

  1. OM Gosh! I am so excited for you. I was in tears because of your JOY!!! Yes, Yes, YES!!!!! Happy Dancing for the awesome couple!!!!!

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