First Trip/Court Date

Ok. I know I haven’t been very clear about this whole process with traveling/court dates/embassy dates/etc. I haven’t been clear, because this has all happened so fast, so I never thought through how to explain it to everyone. Plus, I thought we would still have a long time before we even had a referral, let alone be traveling to meet A! It has been a whirlwind in the Tengi household. People ask if I’m excited, how Ryan is doing, etc. I’ll speak for myself and say that, yes, I am excited. But I’m completely overwhelmed, and that is kind of trumping the excitement right now. Once we hop on that first plane, I’ll be fine, but there is a lot to get together before then! Yesterday, we sent off our visa applications to have them expedited, and I called and made flight arrangements. Thank goodness for travel agents! So for the short amount of time left before we leave, we need to pack, get a prescription filled, pack, make sure we have documents in order that we need to bring with us, and pack some more.

When we are in Ethiopia, we will be having our court date. This is when we will stand before the judge and say, yes, we want to adopt A. The judge will (hopefully) say, “She is yours.” We will legally be a family at that point! However, we can’t just go get on a plane with her and leave. The U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia will need to prepare various documents and make sure her paperwork is in order before she will be allowed to leave the country. So, we will come back home and wait another few weeks to hear that our case has been cleared, we will go back and pick her up, go to our Embassy date thinger, get her visa, and leave soon after! Kind of like that, I think. Haven’t done it before, sooo we are just going by what others say, and how I understand it to be ๐Ÿ˜‰

When we do travel, we are encouraged to bring donations that others may have given us. We just received an email last night about some urgent medical supply needs for our agency’s transition home in Ethiopia (Hannah’s Hope – where A is being cared for – they rock!). I will paste the list below. If anyone has access to/wants to purchase any of these items and have them sent over with us, please let me know! If you’re nearby, you could drop them off at our house, or you could always mail some items if you would like. We will try to bring the donations with us on our first trip, but that means you would need to get the items to us quickly! If you can’t, that’s fine… we will try to bring some on our second trip as well.

Medication and Medical Supply Needs for HH and Orphanages AGCI Supports:

  1. Drops for Pink Eye
  2. Iron — 15mg drops and tablets
  3. Otrivin Nasal Drops
  4. Miconazole Oral Gel (Nystatin)
  5. Pediatric Electrolyte Solution
  6. Vitamin B12 (MTR)
  7. Antihistamine Syrup
  8. Hydrocortizone Ointment
  9. Candacort Cream
  10. Ketaconazole 2% Cream
  11. Permethrin Cream 5%
  12. Clotrimazole 1% Antifungal Cream
  13. Salbutamol Syrup
  14. Cotrimoxazole Syrup
  15. Triaxon IM/IV 1gm inj, 500mg, 250mg
  16. Syringes โ€“ 3cc and 5cc
  17. Sterile Gloves
  18. Digital Weight Scale
  19. Thermometer

Keep praying for God’s providence! We continue to see Him provide in sometimes not-so-obvious ways, but it is totally Him. Keep praying for the grant application we sent in last week… we really hope to hear something soon. It would help so much!

Ok, off to try to relax for just a bit…


2 thoughts on “First Trip/Court Date

  1. oh girl. I cannot even imagine all of the checklists and “to-do’s” and logistics you are trying to coordinate right now! I totally get it when you say that you will be excited and ready once you’re on that plane…from now until then, I’m sure it will be hectic and crazy but I pray for God to open doors and get all of your “To-Do’s” checked off. And, for Him to give you peace in the midst of the crazy preparations! ๐Ÿ™‚ SO excited for you guys!!!!!

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