Brittany’s Hope Matching Grant

So you know that grant I mentioned and asked for your prayers? Well, we didn’t get it. But, that’s a good thing, because our agency told us we would be good candidates for a matching grant through Brittany’s Hope instead and would get much more money that way than if they just gave us a small cut of their agency’s grant money. So, yay!

Here’s how it works. We had to specify an amount we wanted as a grant. So, let’s say we said we needed $6,000. In order to get that amount, we need to raise $3,000, and then they will match that for a total of $6,000. The great thing is, it is tax deductible for people who want to give, and it’s like doubling your money! So if you feel as though $10 is the most you could give, then “magically” it becomes $20. Nice, huh? We think so too.

Here’s the thing though. We HAVE to raise half or else they won’t match ANY of it. So if we only raised $2,999 instead of $3,000, we would only get $2,999, not $5,998. That won’t happen though. It just won’t.

Here’s the other thing. We can’t donate to our own grant, because that’s kind of like cheating. However, we are crunching numbers and moving funds around to get as much freed up as possible for traveling to see/bring home A. So we will have some, but certainly not the estimated $15,000 to stay debt free from this adoption. Not to mention that we have already put a ton of it on our credit card/my parent’s credit card knowing that God would provide and we could pay them back quickly.

Here’s the final, kind of big thing. We asked for $15,000. Yep. We are going all in and trusting that God will do the rest. That means somehow, $7,500 will end up in our grant fund, Brittany’s Hope will match it, and we will be given $15,000 directly toward all of our travel expenses. We don’t even think it’s crazy. We absolutely KNOW it will happen.

I just cannot stop smiling. We knew God would follow through, because He’s God, and that’s what He does. However, there were a couple of specific times I remember saying to Ryan, “What is He doing?!” I started tearing up earlier thinking how I had questioned our God for even a few moments during this process.

What we do now is wait on a package to arrive. We sign an agreement that we will raise $7500 and then send it back to our agency. Then an account will be set up through Brittany’s Hope and we will be able to track our “progress” as our family and friends give. I will definitely let you know when all of that is set up, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up to this. Many people have asked how they can help or what is the thing we need most, and we always say money. Yes, we need material things to care for A, but we have to get her home first to do that. With that said, though, we really do appreciate everything that anyone has given or offered to give us, and I don’t mean to make light of those donations at all! Please be in prayer about giving toward our grant. Every dollar really DOES count, especially when it is doubled.

THANK YOU ALL for praying. We have felt it and we are beaming right now. We cannot even believe all of this is happening. We have received a referral, a court date, and now this grant that will help us remain debt free from our adoption all in a matter of weeks. Shock is about the best emotion to sum it all up. And joy. Yes, joy.


2 thoughts on “Brittany’s Hope Matching Grant

  1. Hey Brianna,

    I saw your blog on a friends facebook page last week and have been feeling convicted to donate for about a week now, just trying to decide on the amount 🙂 I love your blog and am excited for you both to get to adopt! (I can’t wait to do so myself someday) I was just getting back on today and it looks like it is better to wait and donate toward your 7,500 dollar goal rather than your site on here. Is that correct?

    • Hannah! Thank you SO much =) Yes, it would probably be best to wait until we get our grant account set up… hopefully within the next week or so! That way, you get a tax deductible receipt and it would be, in essence, doubled. We appreciate you following your convictions… we have definitely seen God move to provide, so thank you for listening!

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