A Full Heart

Tonight, I am exploding.

Today was Ryan and I’s 2nd wedding anniversary. It was perfect (well, sleeping in with my hubby and not going to work would have been nice, but besides that…). I woke up to a card lying on my pillow from my sweet man. Then this evening we went down to the pool so I could give swim lessons for a sweet little lady whose parents just adopted a little guy from Ethiopia (also through the same agency as us). I even got to hold the little guy as they are just starting to allow others to hold him. He is so stinking cute! And chunky, which I love. I love that they chunk up our kiddos over there for us. I have so loved getting to know this family a little better, and can’t wait to marry off our little lady to their little man! We’ll see.. 😉

Then, Ryan planned a dinner at Mellow Mushroom, my favorite pizza place, followed by smoothies at Jamba Juice. We had a great anniversary date. Our last one as a family of two. Eee!

And then, one of the most precious moments of our evening was when a sweet new friend, Jennifer, stopped by to give us two big boxes full of donations for
Hannah’s Hope (our agency’s transition home, where A is being taken care of). We met Jennifer a couple of months ago, but did not really have a conversation with her and her hubby until this past Sunday at church. Her family is also adopting from Ethiopia, found out about donations for Hannah’s Hope, and brought them by tonight! It was so, so nice to just stand on our front step and talk for a few minutes about our journeys and to learn more about her heart. I’m so excited to get to know this family more!

I am just so in love with all of these families I have been so privileged to meet and know some of their adoption stories. Adoption is hard on so many levels. But it can be so beautiful. Tonight, I can clearly see the beauty.


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