We are home! More later…

Hello everyone, just wanted to say we finally made it home. We had a few canceled flights before we just decided to rent a car and drive home, not knowing if our connecting flight would actually leave when estimated or get canceled again. So after about 36 hours of travel, we are HOME and so happy. I know once I get some sleep and am able to function again that I will be aching for my girl (not that I’m not already). But for now, I know she is in the best possible hands she can be if she can’t be with us. Plus, God is Sovereign.. I kept saying that on our trip regarding to all types of circumstances. Here is a brief synopsis of our trip, and I promise to go into more detail later.

Saturday afternoon – fly away

Sunday evening (Ethiopia time) – arrive in Ethiopia. Meet some great families/new friends.

Monday – meet our baby girl for the first time and go shopping.

Tuesday – more fun time with our girl, Ethiopian culture dinner. Also, cue vomiting and diarrhea (I know, I know, but I don’t even care).

Wednesday – hospital early a.m. , Ryan goes to court, and baby A is ours! We have a daughter! I also ate some crackers.

Thursday – play with our girly, hang out with families, kiss A goodbye, be sad, leave.

Now we are home, and now we are going to attempt to stay up all day to get back on the time zone here (Ethiopia is 7 hours ahead of us here in KY).

Also, for those of you not on Facebook or just didn’t see me post about it, our Brittany’s Hope Matching Seedling Grant webpage has been set up. All you will do is click on the link below and type in your information. We are currently at $400 raised already in just the past couple days we have had the page up. Thank you all so much for helping to bring our sweetie pie home. Tenges Matching Seedling Grant Webpage

We can’t wait to show you pictures of her face soon, but for now…


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