Something Fishy

Tuesday morning, we woke up and took our showers, ate breakfast, and sat around like normal. I got my only good night’s sleep while in Ethiopia this night, and maybe it was for good reason. Two families left that morning to head to court (they both passed yay!). We spent time with our precious A that morning, and then headed over to the Riviera (a hotel where families also stay at) for lunch and to meet up with another family who had gotten in town the night before.

For lunch, we just ate the buffet. The whole trip, we all made sure to stay away from water based type foods such as fresh veggies or some fruits, and we were leery about meat at times. However, I decided it was a good idea to get the fish that was on the buffet (so did others, hey). It wasn’t the best fish I’ve ever had, and I honestly never really order fish, but I figured why not? We headed back to the guest house and I video taped a family meeting their girly for the first time. So sweet and such an honor!

That evening we went out to dinner for our cultural dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant. There was dancing and yummy, yummy food!

One of the dancers (lady in green) came around and found people from the audience to dance with. After some lovely dance efforts from some folks in our group, Wass (remember, my hero??) got up and showed us what’s what.

When we got back to the guest house, my stomach started to feel funny. Without giving gruesome details, this began a really great cultural experience of an Ethiopian bathroom and then finally an Ethiopian hospital. I just couldn’t keep anything down, and so no medicine could help at all, because it just came back up. Finally, around 1:30am, Ryan woke up another family there, and the husband, Brad, called around for us until he got a hold of someone (Wass, our hero!) to come and bring us all to the hospital. Brad was so sweet to come and stay with us the whole time. I was given two bags of IV fluid with some other medicine in there as well. A little before 5 o clock, I was done, and went back to the guest house to have my last vomit session. After that, I started to feel better bit by bit, especially after I could keep down the medicine we were given by our travel doctor. Everyone kind of poked fun at me for the fish causing it, but I guess we’ll never know!

After getting zero sleep, Ryan got ready and went to court (Wednesday morning now). We were nervous about how things would go since I would not be there. If just one parent goes for court, you are supposed to bring a power of attorney paper signed and notarized, but we didn’t have that of course. However, our lawyer (provided by Hannah’s Hope/AGCI) thought we might be OK since we had my passport and visa as proof of being in the country, and we had hospital papers and a photo of me in the hospital. Yes. Here it is…

However, the judge understood completely and didn’t even care to look at the “proof” because she believed my hubby and the lawyer. When Ryan got back and told me, I was so thrilled! We were official, legal parents of that sweet, precious baby! And what a testament this whole ordeal was of God’s character and the fact that no matter what circumstances arise, His will is still accomplished.

By the end of the day, I had eaten a few crackers and drank a liter of pedialyte. I also held a whole new level of respect and admiration for my sweet hubby. He is a pretty squeamish guy, but he didn’t bat an eye while constantly cleaning up after me and carrying me to and fro. He constantly prayed over me and showered me with love. OK, I need to go give that man a hug right now.

I only got to see my girly for about 10 minutes, but no matter. Soon it will be forever.


One thought on “Something Fishy

  1. Although I cant see her face, I
    look at those little hands and fingers and see what a beautiful child she is. God Bless!

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