Happy Four Months!

Dear A,

Here’s the deal, sweet one… don’t expect a party every month once you’re here or anything. BUT, since you’re not here and we really, really want you to be, a little celebration is in order.

We (ok, I) have been a tad crazy/overwhelmed/excited about getting everything here ready for you. Friends have been sending us packages with clothes and other goodies for you. Others have donated to your grant fund that we were awarded to help bring you home. Your soon-to-be best friend’s parents came over and helped paint your room. And another friend is making lots of goodies for you/your room. We also have a couple of potential husbands for you… we’ll have to see how they grow and mature šŸ˜‰ Everyone coming together to bring you home… it is definitely a picture of the church caring for its fellow brothers!

Getting your room together has been fun, but we have also tried to keep it simple in light of knowing that bringing you home is more important than having a super cute room for you to someday sleep in (especially since you’ll be in OUR room for awhile!).

Brooklyn’s daddy. He’s kind of crazy..

Your room! Without curtains…

“With” curtains! Daddy sure loved standing here for this pic for me =) He’s the best.

Ok, so come home already! See how excited we are??

However, I must say, Momma is a little sad sometimes too. Like last night. I was sad and tired and missing you. So I decided I just wanted Fazoli’s bread sticks for dinner. So I ate 6 bread sticks for dinner. I have still been having stomach issues since coming home from visiting you (I started probiotics this week, and it’s helping!), so eating a bunch of bread sticks for dinner did not help my tummy this morning.

I hope you had a wonderful day over there in Ethiopia. I’m sure you just had your bath and are in your cuddly pajamas. Can’t wait to cuddle you every day!

Maybe you’re wearing these cuddly pajamas tonight =)


Momma and Daddy


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