About Us

Ryan and Brianna met in the summer of 2009 (if you want to know the story, ask… I don’t want to go into it here!) and were married on July 31, 2010. Ryan lived in Lexington, KY and Brianna was living and going to school in Charleston, IL. Brianna graduated. No job. No house (sure, her parents would have let her move back in…).  Good thing she was getting married to the most handsome man she has ever met! Ryan and Brianna got married. Brianna moved to Lexington (where there was a home, job, and husband). You may also see Ryan referred to as “old man”, because he is. A very healthy, active old man, but still an old man! Ok, not really, but his adoring wife still calls him one.

We met are sweet daughter Azeb officially on August 5th, 2012, and brought her home at the end of September of 2012! She is our miracle baby, and God continues to sanctify us through her time with us. We are so honored to raise this girly up to love and follow our Jesus!

Most of all, we love our Father, Savior, Master, Friend, King, Lord. Most of the time, we struggle to show this love, as we slowly continue to become less selfish and more like Him. Anything good in us is not us; it is Him.


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